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Texans-Rams Predictions

BRB predicts Sunday’s game between the Texans and Rams in Los Angeles

Kansas City Chiefs v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The Tom Savage Era continues Sunday with a difficult matchup against the NFC West-leading Los Angeles Rams. Houston will also say hello to an old friend, Rams defensive coordinator Wade Phillips who probably hasn’t lost a lot of sleep this week preparing to go against whatever that thing is the Texans are doing when they aren’t on defense or special teams. You know, that thing - from last year - that may or may not be worse than last year with Savage at the helm instead of [UNPERSON].

Let’s get to the sadness...

Tim: Rams 33, Texans 14.

The Rams' offense is explosive. The Texans' defense has been severely weakened by injuries and is a shell of what it once was.

The Rams' defense is good, and Wade Phillips will surely bring the heat as much as possible. The Texans' offense is positively wretched with Tom Savage at the helm. I predict the highlight of the afternoon will be when Bill O'Brien yanks Savage and T.J. Yates enters the huddle.

Even with all the injuries on Houston's defense, this game would have been a legitimately fun shootout if Deshaun Watson was playing. Instead, it'll likely be one of the worst games of the week in the NFL.

DiehardChris: Rams 27, Texans 13.

We already know what the rest of this season will bring. This figures to be one of the uglier games left on the schedule. Beyond that is there really a need for analysis? Tell you what I’m going to do Sunday while I’m watching football - Duroc spare ribs on the smoker. Two racks, pecan smoke. No amount of bad football will deter my enjoyment of these ribs.

Capt. Ron: Rams 34, Texans 3.

This might have been one of the top offensive shootout games of the season for the NFL, but with Watson out, this will be a one-sided tilt in favor of Los Angeles. Wade Phillips is licking his chops this week.

KennethL: Rams 37, Texans 13.

I cannot find a reason for us to win this game. Goff is going to put the Rams on the map for the next 10 years. Their offensive line is the most improved in the NFL. Who will be able to guard Robert Woods? Their LBs are a very cohesive bunch. They have one of the best passing defenses in the league. I do think we can run the ball on them, but I cannot see us matching their explosive offense. Sorry guys, it is a season of "what could have been".

BFMF’nD: Rams 52, Texans 10.

The LA Rams, or whatever the hell they're named this week, had the 30th best DVOA in football in 2016. In 2017 and thanks to major scheme changes on both sides of the ball thanks to Sean McVay and Wade Phillips, they have the best DVOA in football. It's amazing how scheme changes can bring out the best in a young QB.

The player to watch this game is Aaron Donald, who might break Tom Savage in figurative half.

MDC: Rams 42, Texans 6.

There is no pain, you are receding...

Matt Weston: Rams 45, Texans 10.

I'll have a rotted Wurstfest gut with bloody cold brew eyes, the perfect solipsistic mood for this sh*tty team with the worst quarterback in the league. Can't wait!

Mike Bullock: Rams 38, Texans 13.

Rick Smith and Bill O'Brien seem to have done nothing to help the situation since last week when Houston lost to the abysmal Baby Horses. Now they're playing a team that's a legit playoff contender - fuggetaboutit.

Luke Beggs: Rams 42, Texans 10.

Will Fuller and DeAndre Hopkins deserve better.

UprootedTexan: Texans 14, Rams 10.

I have no reason why I think this, and I may just be trying to reverse jinx it but someone's gotta say the Texans will win despite all evidence to the contrary.

Brett Kollmann: Rams 40, Texans 13.

This is going to be a slaughter, and I am thankful that I never ended up buying tickets to this game. Deshaun was our only hope.

If you have the energy or desire, hit us up with your predictions in the comments section below. Maybe a better prediction will be - at what point will we see T.J. Yates on Sunday?