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Name A Quarterback Worse Than Tom Savage

Do it. I dare you.

Houston Texans Rookie Minicamp Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

I’ve been having a horrible time pulling myself together. I’ve been closing my eyes, trying to find a worse quarterback than Tom Savage, and although I’ve found familiar failures, I can’t think of anyone worse than the Texans’ current starting quarterback.

Currently, Tom Savage has fumbled five times, which leads the NFL and is one more than Eli Manning, who has thrown 333 passes this year, and Matthew Stafford, who has thrown 329 passes. Savage has thrown 93 passes. 93. He's been sacked 12 times. He has a completion percentage of 47.3%, and is averaging 5.4 yards an attempt. He can't throw downfield. He is 5-21 on passes attempted farther than 15 yards. There is only one NFL quarterback with a completion percentage less than his 23.8% who has attempted at least ten downfield passes. That quarterback is Joe Flacco at 23.7%.

Savage’s DYAR is -242. His DVOA is -48.3%. He has a QBR of 17.


There have been some awful quarterback seasons in NFL history. Mark Sanchez and Ryan Lindley in 2012. Brandon Weeden in 2013. Blake Bortles in 2014. [Name Redacted] in 2016.

Fun fact: Savage’s career quarterback rating is 68.5, [Name Redacted]’s is 76.1.

Except for Ryan Lindley, these guys at least had moments and started for the entire season to accumulate negative net worth. The only quarterback who can't be touched by Savage’s awfulness is 2011 Blaine Gabbert, who had a DYAR of -1009 and a DVOA of -46.5%. Gabbert was was forced to start too soon in an attempt by Jack Del Rio to save his job, and at least Gabbert was a rookie. This is Savage's fourth year in the NFL.

I can’t name a worse quarterback when you think about Savage’s play, the context since he was named the opening week starter, the amount of time he has been in Bill O’Brien’s offense, and his inability to do anything well, aside from looking like a quarterback.

Here are some other awful quarterbacks put together by the BRB staff. I would rather have each and every one of these players than Tom Savage. What do you think? Are any of these guys worse than Tom Savage? Can you name a quarterback worse than Savage?

--A vagrant hanging around the light rail in downtown Houston.

--Colin Kaepernick while on acid and actively keg-standing.

--Bradlee Van Pelt

--Ryan Leaf

--Jake Rudock

--Greg Ward, Jr.

--Shane Buechele, Tyrone Swoopes, David Ash, Sam Ehlinger.

--Chris Simms

--Colin Kaepernick

--Brian Griese

--Zach Mettenberger/Methenberger (Savage needs more selfies)

--JaMarcus Russell

--Todd Marinovich

--Jim Harbaugh

--Chris Weinke

--Matt Flynn

--Matt Cassel

--Kyle Boller

--Troy Smith

--David Garrard

--Joey Harrington

--Cleo Lemon

--Derek Anderson