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NFL Week 11 Live: Late Afternoon Games

Come rest your weary eyes, livers, and minds by watching three games not involving the Texans.

Houston Texans v Oakland Raiders
Treating Estadio Azteca like it’s his home turf.
Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images

This afternoon, we’re going to be treated to three games, of varying levels of interest to Texans fans.

Bills @ Chargers

Tyrod Taylor has been benched for Nathan Peterman and has made his displeasure about the decision known to the media. Even so, Philip Rivers’ Chargers are preparing to face both quarterbacks. This is a game that should be won by the home team, but the Chargers occasionally play down to the level of their competition so, who knows? Lesean McCoy, Melvin Gordon, Keenan Allen, Hunter Henry and Jordan Matthews should make this game somewhat interesting. Unless you live in San Diego, Jacksonville, Wisconsin, New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, or Ohio, make use of Sunday Ticket to witness the carnage.

Bengals @ Broncos

Neither of these teams have performed to the level expected of them before the season. Andy Dalton has struggled all season, and no one knows WTF is going on with Denver’s offense this season. The nation’s favorite talking horse — even ahead of Mr. Ed — is not okay with what his offensive coordinator has been doing, and there are rumblings. It’s gotten so bad that Brock Osweiler has replaced Trevor Siemian as the starter, and Paxton Lynch is number two (Siemian is expected to be inactive). Elway has mused that his team has gotten soft, which can’t be what Vance Joseph wants to hear his GM say. The Midwest, Memphis, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana will see this on CBS.

Patriots @ Raiders (in Mexico City)

Technically, this is a home game for the Raiders. They’re moving anyways so I guess it doesn’t really bother them. Bill Belicheck, Tom Brady, and company are heading to Mexico to take on Derek Carr’s team. If the Raiders had been playing better all season, this would be a matchup I’d think they could win, but given their struggles over the season, and how Belicheck has made a living capitalizing off the other team’s mistakes, I have to expect the northerners to walk out with a win. This is on CBS for everyone not getting the Bengals-Broncos comedy of errors.

Here’s your talking spot for these three games. Enjoy!