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Post-Game Recap/Final Score: Texans 31, Cardinals 21

How the Texans won their fourth game of the 2017 season.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Houston Texans
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It was a nice day in Austin today—mid-60s for highs, sunny, and a bit of wind. Of course, I ruined it by watching the Texans play.

Your Houston Texans beat the Arizona Cardinals 31-21 in a surprising display of offense from both teams. Tom Savage had easily the best game of his career, putting up a 22-32/230 yards/2TD/1INT stat line. Of course, hemanaged to throw in a Savage Stripped Sack for good measure, a play he’s turned into outsider art. Chunk play TDs, a rarity during Savage’s reign of error, helped; DeAndre Hopkins brought in a 28 yard TD pass and D’Onta Foreman had a 34 yard scamper.

On offense, the key really seemed to be that the Texans kept Savage clean; he was sacked only once all day and didn’t see consistent pressure.

Even with today’s victory, there’s a sense it was a Pyrrhic victory as Foreman was hurt on his TD run. I have yet to see a formal diagnosis, but it did not look good.

The player to watch today, however, was Jadeveon Clowney, who seemed to take over at times. His stat line isn’t crazy good - 1 solo tackle (a TFL, if I remember correctly), 2 assists, and 2 sacks - but he dominated his point of attack all game, greatly disrupting both the run and the pass. Eddie Pleasant and Andre Hal helped with a couple of interceptions against Blaine Gabbert, who went Full Gabbert at the end of the game, but it was a true pleasure to watch Clowney today.

The Texans next face the Baltimore Ravens with their own EAF QB, Joe Flacco, next week on Monday night.

The Texans improved to 4-6 with today’s win. Drop your thoughts about the game in the comments below.

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