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Report: D’Onta Foreman Injures Achilles, Likely Out For Rest Of Season

If his Achilles tendon is completely torn, D’Onta Foreman would be out for the year and maybe more.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Houston Texans
He went to UT, so of course he’s awesome.
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As I mentioned in the recap, D’Onta Foreman’s injury made the win seem a bit Pyrrhic, and welp:


According to this post at PFT, the average length of recovery to return from a torn Achilles tendon injury, depending on the severity, is about 11 months. The article is five years old, though, so if somebody finds something more recent, please post it. As for Foreman, this would mean he could possibly start the 2018 season on IR/designated to return.

If Foreman misses the rest of the year, he’ll end the season with a 68-262-3 rushing line and 3-68-0 receiving.

Let’s hope it’s not completely torn. I will sacrifice many beers and chickens to bring him luck.

Edit: This isn’t a harbinger for Foreman or anything, but an Achilles injury ended Arian Foster’s career.