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Thanksgiving Day Football Live: Vikings v. Lions

The Lions hosting a Thanksgiving Day game is an NFL tradition. This time around, they’re hosting the surprisingly good Vikings. Let’s chat & watch while the birds cook.

Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions
He could be doing this for us, but, no, Ed Reed’s ancient, washed up behind was available.
Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Good morning, fine folks. As we continue to cook the birds, or piggies, and enough side dishes and desserts to last us through New Year’s, we’re taking a break to watch some NFL football.

The 8-2 Vikings have chosen to start Case Keenum over Teddy Bridgewater, with Mike Zimmer admitting that benching Keenum for Teddy B. would be hard right now, given Keenum’s surprisingly good play. Bridgewater is saying all the right things, about how he’s a team player, and that he’s accepting the decision made by his head coach. There’s been some talk from media pundits that Zimmer needs to just come out and say that Keenum is his guy for the rest of the season, but as Texans fans, we’ve seen what happens when CK is named the guy.

Minnesota is facing the 6-4 Lions, led by their franchise guy, Matthew Stafford. This game gives Texans fans a chance to see Glover Quin in action once more and ponder what could have been. The Lions also just signed Dwight Freeney, who is refusing to retire (but Darrelle Revis just got signed to boot, so, hey, as long as they’re willing to keep paying you, go for it) and they get their starting LT Taylor Decker back for this game.

Here’s where the action is until it’s bird (or pig) cutting time. Enjoy, and have a happy Thanksgiving!