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Thanksgiving Day Football Live: Chargers v. Cowboys

Roll yourselves away from the food long enough to watch the Bolts and Boys while everything settles in your tummies. Or, keep eating, but in front of the TV this time.

Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Chargers
He’s thankful the Cowboys have been struggling.
Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

I know you’re stuffed and the -itis is setting in, but I need you to be strong. There’s still room for pumpkin pie, candied yams, and peach cobbler. There’s also still football to be played, and you, good NFL fan that you are, will be watching.

Philip Rivers leads a team into Arlington that’s playing better than they get credit for. Yes, the Chargers are 4-6 , but they’re second in the AFC West and have a first-year head coach. They also just put up 54 points against the Bills last week. Granted, the Bills have their own issues (Free Tyrod!!!), but still, any team that can put up 54 points against another team deserves credit. The presence of Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram has caused problems for opponents in the past and, if you’re a Texans fan like I am (as in, one that lives in DFW and has to hear Cowboys fans discuss how wonderful their teams are all.the.time.), you appreciate any opportunity to watch the Cowboys get eaten alive, at home, on national television.

Dak Prescott has not been able to replicate his play from last season. Perhaps he started so many games last year that he gave opponents more than enough tape to figure him out. Maybe Dez Bryant really isn’t elite anymore. Perhaps the loss of Ezekiel Elliott and the questions surrounding his availability all season meant that they couldn’t replicate their connection. Maybe the eternally-injured Sean Lee is really that important to their defense. Whatever it is, this is not a team I’d look at and say is a lock for the postseason, or one that will do anything worthwhile if they get there.

The Chargers bolt in from Los Angeles today to take on the Arlington (formerly Irving) “Callas” Cowboys. Enjoy the game while you stuff your face, hang lights around your house, and try to prevent the cat from killing the dogs and the children. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!