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NFL Week 12 Live: Early Afternoon Games

It’s Sunday. It’s football. Hang out here at Battle Red Blog to watch it.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Ahhh, the weirdest week of football. The fat gut week. The schedule is overstuffed from Thursday games that lead to only a pocketful of Sunday games.

This morning, I’ll be listening in a car on the way home and watching the landscape shift, shape, and change. I will try to catch up on the condensed games once I hit Texas.

These are the games that are on the early slate:

Cleveland Browns v. Cincinnati Bengals

Carolina Panthers v. New York Jets

Tennessee Titans v. Indianapolis Colts

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v. Atlanta Falcons

Miami Dolphins v. New England Patriots

Chicago Bears v. Philadelphia Eagles

Enjoy the games while you do whatever it is that you do. Just remember the standard commenting rules apply.