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Monday Night Football Predictions

The Battle Red Blog staff checks in to predict Houston’s Monday Night Football trip to Baltimore.

Houston Texans v Los Angeles Ram
Coach O’Brien pleading with Tom Savage to become Deshaun Watson.
Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

After an unexpected eruption of offense against the Arizona Cardinals last week, the Texans take the nationally-televised show on the road to face the Baltimore Ravens tonight on Monday Night Football.

The Baltimore defense will be quite a test for Tom Savage’s traveling strip-sack parade. With D’Onta Foreman’s much-needed carries gone and Will Fuller V out and unable to stretch the defense, the Texans could be in for a long night. or maybe Bill O’Brien has something up his sleeve?

Tim: Ravens 19, Texans 13.

While the Ravens' offense may actually be worse than the Texans' offense, I think the delta between the quality of the teams' respective defenses will prove to be the difference in the game. Baltimore's defense is very strong, and the Texans' defense is simply not, thanks in large part to the number of injuries suffered on that side of the ball. I expect this to be an ugly game that ultimately sees the home team do just enough to emerge victorious.

Kenneth L.: Ravens 24, Texans 20.

The Ravens’ defense is well, savage. Tom Savage is well, not very savage. Baltimore leads the league in interceptions with 16. I could see them adding three picks to that total tonight.

The Texans’ game plan should have been feed Foreman and Miller and limit Savage to 25-30 throws. With Foreman gone, it will be up to Miller and Alfred Blue to carry the load in order to take pressure off of Savage. Not having Fuller might be the killer this week. He would have been able to spread out the Ravens’ excellent safeties, but without his presence, they will double cover Hopkins, forcing Savage to look to other options. Even with Flacco throwing more INTs than TDs, this defense is not in shape enough to take advantage of the poor QB play.

Matt Weston: Ravens 17, Texans 10.

Joe Flacco versus Tom Savage is the worst quarterback battle of the year. Both of them are atrocious. They are mirror images of each other.

Baltimore has a slight advantage because they have a pass defense, unlike Houston. This game is going to come down to whether or not Flacco can hit downfield throws. If he can hit two, Baltimore will win. If he can't, Houston will.

BFMF’nD: Ravens 20, Texans 10.

This game features the best QB in the NFL, Tom Savage, versus EAF Joe Flacco. I look forward to a vertical passing game from both teams that will make this look more like a tennis match than a football game.

Or, you know, not.

The Ravens' D has an actual for realz pass rush, and I think we'll see T.J. Yates at some point during this game. The Texans’ offense will waste a fine defensive effort, something we've seen for a while now when the QB isn't Deshaun Watson.

Man, I miss Watson.

UprootedTexan: Ravens 24, Texans 17.

Savage is Flacco. Flacco is Savage,. We're staring into a mirror universe and nothing really matters.

Oh, and Ray Lewis totally murdered the shit out of those two guys in that limo.

Mike Bullock: Texans 13, Ravens 10.

Two teams striving for mediocrity - which is better than the alternative - clash on Monday Night Football in a game no one outside the two respective fan bases cares about. Minus Deshaun Watson, neither offense is loaded, so don't expect any fireworks in this one. It'll come down to the wire with the All Field Goal offense putting H-Town in the lead at the end.

Luke Beggs: Ravens 16, Texans 6.

All I want is Jadeveon Clowney to continue to be #statsgood.

Enjoy the game tonight. I mean, it’s Monday Night Football!! Come on, let’s GO!!!!

No? Nothin’? Fine. (We miss you, Deshaun).

Give us your predictions in the comments below, and let’s see if the Texans can pull off the upset.