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Now That Brian Cushing Is Back From Suspension, The Texans Should Release Him

The Texans all-time leading tackler is back from suspension, and the team should now let him chase a ring elsewhere.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Ten weeks ago, Brian Cushing was suspended for ten weeks after failing the second PED test of his career. That took him out of the majority of the 2017 season, where he has since been doing what I would assume is tackling dummies, lifting weights, watching film, and being a complete ‘alpha’. No Cheetos and “Rock Band” for him.

Now he has served his time, and Brian Cushing is back in the building.

The official quote from head coach Bill O’Brien is as follows:

"I just saw him. He's been away from us for awhile, obviously. First things first, personally we've got to get caught up. See where he's at. See how he's doing and then kind of go from there."

Personally, I like Brian Cushing. I think he’s been underrated as a player since this second suspension has occurred. At this point in his career, he isn’t great, but he still has value. Cushing can rush the passer some and is above average against the run.

The thing is I don’t think he ends up staying with the Texans for the rest of the year. He isn’t squeaky and clean anymore, something that Warden Bob doesn’t like. O’Brien’s quote isn’t a real strong recommendation.

And Cushing doesn’t help the team this season. The Texans no longer have a spot on the roster for him. They are better off playing Zach Cunningham, Benardrick McKinney, Dylan Cole, Brennan Scarlett, and any other young linebacker. The Texans aren’t a good football team right now, and any games they win this year are meaningless. The only thing that matters is getting snaps for their young players to prepare for 2018.

Houston saves $8.5 million by cutting Brian Cushing before next season. Why wait to do it? There’s no reason to keep him around. Send him home. Put a note in his lunch box. Tell him you love him. Then let him play for a contending football team. It would be perfect for him to go to New England and win a title there, or help stop the run at the second level in Kansas City or New Orleans, or reunite with Wade Phillips in L.A.

Wherever he goes, it will be a better place than where he currently is.