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Houston Texans Roster Moves: Chris Clark To Injured Reserve, Others Promoted To 53-Man Roster

Houston made some roster moves before this Sunday’s game.

Houston Texans v New England Patriots
Good Night and Good Luck.
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Yesterday was Wednesday. Today is Thursday. Yesterday meant the Texans made more roster moves to fine tune things for this Sunday’s game in Nashville. Kind of like a race car, only this race car is made of tinfoil, the tires are floaties, the rims are ornamental Christmas plates, and the car runs on bacon grease.

Lamarr Houston’s release isn’t surprising. With Dylan Cole back, and Ufomba Kamalu, and Brian Peters on the active roster, the Texans are better off playing these younger players than elongating Houston’s death rattle. Houston was whatever in Houston too. He had a touchdown that he picked up and received glory for without doing any of the work; other than Houston scoring in Houston, there wasn’t much else to see.

The biggest news is that Chris Clark has been moved to injured reserve. He injured his ankle and has played through it, but it’s all over. He won’t play another snap this year. Clark is as replacement level as it gets for a left tackle. He’s a fine complementary player. He’s not someone you want starting every day. The Duane Brown trade meant Clark would have to remain a starter. Left tackle is now a disaster. Starting against the Titans and protecting Tom Savage’s blind side will either be Kendall Lamm, who is 100% the worst left tackle I’ve ever seen, or Julie’n Davenport, someone who I think will be an eventual starter but needs to get stronger and right now isn’t ready to play every down in the NFL.

With this news, I’m afraid for Savage’s life. He holds onto the ball forever, his feet are swampy, he runs like he just left the Golden Corral, and the offensive line is already horrendous in pass protection. Savage needs all the time of the world. He is going to get a fraction of the fraction he’s already getting. Someone is going to strip-sack him again, and like Week 17 last year, someone may take him out of the game.

The last bit of news for the 53-man roster is that Houston promoted outside linebacker Gimel President (helluva name), guard Chad Slade (should be a professional snowboarder), and outside linebacker LaTroy Lewis (good use of the prefix La-) to the active roster. I don’t know anything about any of these players.

Other than some potential Brian Cushing news, the Texans’ roster is all set for Sunday’s divisional showdown against Tennessee.

This kind of says it all, really: