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Thursday Night Football Live: Redskins - Cowboys

These teams don’t like each other. Texans fans don’t like either of them. Let’s chat about the game anyways.

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Redskins
Will Dallas go to 2-5 at home?
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Eagles are winning the NFC East unless a collapse so epic that it would go down in history takes place, and soon. So Washington and the Cowboys are essentially battling for second place in the division. Both teams sit at 5-6, but Dallas is 2-1 in the Division, while Washington is 1-3, so the Cowboys are second and Washington third.

This home game for the Cowboys may not be a blessing for them. They’ve won two home games (and lost four), while Washington is 3-3 home and away. The Cowboys are reeling, coming into the game with three straight losses, while Washington won their last game.

Kirk Cousins continues to bet on himself, and has the better QB stats when compared to Dak Prescott. Washington puts up more yards per game (356.1 to 333.5), and more passing yards per game (251.7 to 198.7), but Dallas has more rushing yards (134.8 to 104.4). The rushing advantage may have something to do with Ezekiel Elliott (who is currently suspended) or with the fact that the run game is having to take a lot of the pressure off Prescott, a second-year quarterback who is not lighting up the league like he did in 2016.

Let’s see how bad the announcing is, how bad the play is, and how many NFL fans rage against Thursday Night Football during and after the game.