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Countdown To Kickoff: Texans - Colts

We’re beginning our post-DW4 life with a game against our division rivals. Let’s chat (and cry) about it together.

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
At least T.J.’s back.
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

So Deshaun Watson is out for the season, and Tom Savage, Matt McGloin and T.J. Yates are the Texans three quarterbacks (though McGloin won’t reportedly be active today). Yikes!

This week, we’re facing our long-time rivals, the Colts, who finally gave up the ghost and put Andrew Luck on I.R. over that shoulder issue. We have no idea what we’ll see today in terms of quarterbacking quality. Well, some of us have some inkling because we’ve bought out the local liquor stores, and the bleach section at H-E-B is an empty shell, like our souls. But let’s be positive about this.

There was a time when Tom Savage was heralded as this team’s potential savior, coming to rescue us from the likes of Ryan Fitzpatrick, Ryan Mallett, Brian Hoyer, and Case Keenum. Then Savage started the game against the Jaguars and, erm, dreams died. We know that DW4 won’t be back this season, so we’re going to have to believe OB can get the three stooges other quarterbacks to perform at their highest level.

We’ll be facing a Colts team that just realized Jacoby Brissett will be under center all year long. Plus, the Colts have increasing uncertainty along an always uncertain offensive line.

In a season where we’re 3-4 and the Colts are 2-6 and both teams just IR’d their starting quarterbacks, it’s hard to get up and excited about this game. Like every other Texans fan, I want a victory. Chat about the game before the game here. Inactives will post around 10:30 a.m., and the first quarter thread will be available 15 minutes before kickoff.