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DeAndre Hopkins On Arian Foster’s Podcast

Everyone’s favorite running back has everyone’s favorite wide receiver on his new podcast.

Buffalo Bills v Houston Texans Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Arian Foster retired abruptly after a short stint with Miami last year. He’s left the football field, but he hasn’t left our consciousness. Since retiring, Foster has taken to Twitter even more than before, leaping from hating on cats to wanting to camp to breaking down fighting a wolf. He has also created a podcast, which is a perfect medium for one of the most interesting players the NFL has ever had to express himself.

The podcast he created is called “Now What?”. He’s only had four shows so far. He’s had his mother on, Humble Lukanga, and Chauncey Hollis, three people I know nothing about. But now he’s had DeAndre Hopkins, someone I know something about, as a guest. I realized that I actually very little about Nuk when it comes to him personally. In this episode, the former teammates talk about the players as their own personal business, Hopkins’ personal life, spirituality, very cool hair, fashion, music, and marketing.

Below is how you can listen on Soundcloud or watch on YouTube.

You can also subscribe on iTunes here if you want to continue to have Arian Foster in your life now that you now longer get to count on him being in your life on Sundays.