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49ers-Texans Inactives

If strength is weakness leaving the body, this Texans team should be Arnold Schwarzenegger strong.

The injury list for the Texans is long and painful.

The more the injury list piles up, the worse it looks for the Texans. What once was considered an easy week with little-to-no worry has turned into a coin toss leading up to the game. Both teams have suffered lately from injuries, and this game could be dull in action because of it. Here’s who won’t be suiting up at NRG Stadium this afternoon.

Houston Texans Inactives:

Brennan Scarlett, OLB - Foot

Alfred Blue, RB - Concussion

Julie'n Davenport, OT - Shoulder

Braxton Miller, WR - Concussion

Jelani Jenkins, ILB - Concussion

Bruce Ellington, WR - Hamstring

Game Time Decision/ Questionable:

Xavier Su’a-Filo, OG - Groin

A ton of injuries in places that we do not have much much depth to begin with. It will be interesting to see where Jeff Allen lines up again. I cannot tell you how much [kitten] I took from his three false starts.

But guess what, ladies and gentlemen? The indomitable Will Fuller V will be back in action today! I hope he can play and stretch the field because if we want to win this game (do we want to win this game? I cannot tell...who knows?), it will be a huge asset having him playing. Unfortunately, losing Miller and Ellington were big losses for a WR corps that has been shaken up by so many injuries.

I honestly do not know what is going on in the Texans’ training facility. You would think that being in Houston with all the amazing medical staff and doctors that these players would be the among the healthiest in the league. I keep saying the word “unfortunately” when it comes to the Texans, and it’s starting to make me upset.

San Francisco 49ers Inactives

None- those [kittens] will be at full strength for this game. The only injury and game-time decision to report is OT Trent Brown, who has been dealing with a nagging shoulder injury. However, full strength does not mean much for the 2-10 49ers, who even with Jimmy Garoppolo have not seen much success in the season. He was 26-37 for 293 and one INT last week against the Chicago Bears.

Many predictions have both teams airing the ball out because their QBs are the best options. Thats right. Soak that thought in while you much on your chips and pregame beer. When Tom Savage has to throw 49 times in one game, you know something is wrong with the team.

This year, injuries have suffocated the Texans. I predict a win today because any given Sunday, the Texans will find a way to turn even the worst of seasons into more of a dumpster fire for your hopes and dreams of an early third round draft pick.