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Sunday Night Football - Ravens at Steelers

I’ve been waiting all day for Sunday Night and other blatant lies.

Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Hello, good evening and welcome to another rousing edition of Sunday Night Football. Tonight you get to man, another Steelers game? Ugh...this many prime time Steelers games should be reason enough to fire Goodell. But I’ll battlefight through.

As these teams really hate each other, it’ll be really interesting to see how many cheap shots and personal fouls the goonish Steelers and hapless Ravens rack up against each other. I hope that nobody ends up getting taken out on a stretcher tonight unlike the Steelers’ last game, but given last weekend, I wouldn’t bet against it. Maybe they’ll have an independent medical evaluator whose concussion protocol is a bit better than the one the Texans’ use.

The rest of the comments are yours, use them as you deem necessary. The usual ground rules apply, though, so be excellent to each other, and, as always, [kitten] the Steelers.