Fellow Texans fans, the season is almost over, our offensive line is stretching the limits of the duct tape holding it nearly together, and neither QB will be our starter next season (knock on wood.)

The Texans have bent over backwards to do the right thing during David Quessenberry's stay in Houston. He's a big feel-good story for the team, and rightfully so. Let them go one more step.

Unless it somehow physically endangers him or others, let him play in the last game vs the Colts. This will be the last game of his contract and while he may get a camp invite next year, that is not a given.

I'm not saying play him against the Steelers or Jags; just the last meaningless game of a lost season. At the very least, put him in as an extra lineman in the Jumbo package play we seem to run at least once a game. Let the man play at least one NFL snap.

What say you, BRB?