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Thursday Night Football On Saturday Night (Week 15): Chargers v. Chiefs

Saturday Night Football? What’s that? Yeah, that’s right.

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Indianapolis Colts
Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

The second part of this Saturday double-header is an incredible game between two 7-6 teams fighting for the AFC West crown. Hell, yeah! I wish I could watch this game.

In this one, you get Casey Heyward’s talents being wasted against a team that rarely pushes the ball downfield, Tyreek Hill running around really fast, Alex Smith enjoying his last season in Kansas City, Diehard Chris’s favorite player (Travis Kelce), one of the best pass rushing duos in the NFL in Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram, Melvin Gordon’s dead legs, Keenan Allen’s strong ACL and Comeback Player of the Year award, Chris Jones playing like Jurrell Casey and Calais Campbell, Kareem Hunt’s fight for the Offensive Rookie of the Year award, Andy Reid in a puffy down jacket, quick passes, Philip Rivers floating ducks and throwing tantrums, and the occasional Justin Houston pass rush.

Anyway, enjoy the game tonight. The standard commenting rules apply.