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2017 Week 15 Infographic: Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

A look at the Week 15 matchup between the Texans and Jaguars.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are making the playoffs. That fact was made crystal clear when Deshaun Watson went down with a season-ending knee injury. But the Houston Texans still have three more weeks of football left.

Now we turn to Week 15. The Jags sit atop the AFC South standings and welcome the Texans to EverBank Field, a memorable venue that has pools for fans to swim around in while watching professional football.

Time for the Texans to throw up the white flag, ask for mercy, and get ready for 2018.

Here is this week's infographic: