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Monday Night Football Live: Bucs vs Falcons

Two of the NFC South’s finest go head to head on Monday night.

Detroit Lions v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

It’s Monday night, which means we get to hear some tunes from Hank Williams about football. In between those beautiful numbers, we’ll get to enjoy the Bucs and Jameis Winston attempt to right their ship (GEDDIT?) and sink the Falcons (I’m never stopping with the pirate puns).

Winston in particular has been a lamentable figure of sorts over the course of this season, from dealing with some injuries to failing to inspire his teammates with possibly the worst pre-game speech known to man:

The lesson here to us all is that when life presents you with a ‘‘W,” you eat that sucker up like there’s no tomorrow.

Winston’s love of Alphabetti Spaghetti aside, this is your open thread for the evening’s affair. Comment responsibly and enjoy.