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NFL Week 16 Live: Late Afternoon Games

Keep avoiding those pesky children, irritating in-laws, and cousins whose feet smell. There’s more football available so stoke the fire and stew on the couch.

NFL: Preseason-Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks
I don’t foresee Trevone Boykin playing today, but Prescott will be.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, it’s the Holiday season. That time of year in which you have to interact with every single relative you have, and you start to look at the size of your family tree and find it annoyingly large. The NFL (and NBA) know that this time of force family-togetherness, complete with umpteen million children running through the house, numerous stranger pets cooped up together in the garage, and endless “drop bys” from cousins can be painful, so they’ve decided to fill our television screens with sports. There are another three NFL games on right now, providing another three hours of you being able to avoid that creepy in-law with the suspicious fruitcake, so get yourself prepared below.

Jaguars @ 49ers

Trash notwithstanding, it’s hard not to see this as a JAX victory. We’ll be rooting for the team by the Bay, but don’t expect anything miraculous to happen this afternoon. If you’re in Texas and don’t have Sunday Ticket, you won’t be watching this on tv. We know you don’t want to, anyways.

Giants @ Cardinals

The G-men fired Ben McAdoo for his follies, but they’re still at 2-12. The Cards are one of those teams that goes into the season thinking playoffs and the big game, and ends up faltering before the season ends. Yet another season of Larry Fitzgerald’s career has been wasted on the 6-8 team. If they don’t win against a paltry Giants team, expect the man in the Kangol hat to come under even more pressure. Arizona, New York and part of Maine will watch this on Fox.

Seahawks @ Cowboys

The loser is out of the playoff picture. So, erm, the 12th man has gained a lot more men this afternoon, right? In a dire season for the Texans, watching the Cowboys be unable to reproduce their play from a season ago has warmed the recesses of many an anti-Cowboys heart. There’s nothing wrong with that. This is the season of togetherness, and all of us who despise being told that the team in Arlington is America’s Team can come together to rejoice in Jason Garrett’s WTF-ness decisions. Ezekiel Elliott returns from his ban this game, and is expected to lighten the load on his struggling quarterback, but Jerrah Jones has insisted that Zeke’s ban has made Dak Prescott a better quarterback. Erm, his performances say otherwise, but whatevs old man. This is the game of the time slot, and it’s on Fox for everyone not unlucky enough to have to watch the nonsense in Arizona.