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Houston Texans Roster News: The Texans Sign A Backup Quarterback

Death Rattle moves. Bad man, wake up.

Houston Texans v Buffalo Bills Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

It’s the middle of the week. Just because it’s Week 1 doesn’t mean the Texans don’t have roster moves to make.

Houston had to sign a quarterback to replace the concussed Taylor Heinicke, so they are bringing back a familiar face. A real coach’s player. Former Giants quarterback Josh Johnson is making his way back to Houston after they released him a month ago. Remember back when the Texans were 3-4 and we argued that they should sign Colin Kaepernick instead? Good times. They didn’t. The Texans have lost seven of their last eight. Now they are 4-11 and playing the Colts for last place in the AFC South.

In addition to adding Johnson, the Texans put another player, Corey Moore, on injured reserve. I didn’t even know he was still on the roster. Man, he was bad this past preseason. I’m pretty sure he isn’t even really injured. The Texans are just trying to break that IR record to provide more evidence why this team has fallen off like it did.

The last two moves this week had the Texans add players to play scout team for a week. They signed guards Erik Austell (a Ravenclaw) and Dorian Johnson (his parents are English professors) to the practice squad.

Other than that, the roster is set for the regular season finale in Indianapolis on Sunday.