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2017 Week 13 Infographic: Houston Texans vs. Tennessee Titans

A look at the Week 13 matchup between the Texans and Titans, with a special nod to Stephen King.

Ryan Dunsmore

Marcus Mariota sprints down a Nashville street. He appears be chasing something small along the sidewalk’s edge. There is a stream of water heading toward a gutter that is constantly flowing during a storming night in the Music City.

Mariota is frantic. He’s frantic to get whatever is floating on the water. Mariota gets closer to it. “Almost got it,” he says. It’s a page from his playbook. But just as Mariota dives for the page, it goes a the storm drain.

Mariota sticks his arm down into the drain, knowing full well he won’t find the page a few feet off the ground. But he tries anyways.

He looks left and right for the page. Suddenly, a large man with long dreadlocks appears.

“Hey there, Marky. Loose your playbook page?” the creature says. “Here, I’ve got it. Take it.”

“I don’t know. I’m not suppose to take stuff from strangers,” Mariota whimpers.

“Well, Marky, my name is Jadeveon Clowney. Now you know me and I know you. We’re not strangers anymore, right?” Clowney says.

“I guess,” Mariota replies.

“Here, take your page,” Clowney urges.

“OK,” Mariota says.

Mariota reaches into the drain again. Clowney’s eyes open wide and glow red. Clowney moves like a lightning strike and snatches Mariota’s arm clean off.

Mariota screams and falls away from the drain. The street turns red. Clowney’s arm extends further and this time pulls Mariota into the drain. And Mariota is gone.

Here is this week's infographic:

2013 Getty Images