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Post-Game Recap/Final Score: Texans 13, Titans 24

The Texans come up short against the Titans in Tennessee.

When I’m old and gray, sitting in my hovering recliner chair, getting steadily angrier at the new dance craze that all the kids are doing, I will look back fondly on the hours and days I spent watching AFC South teams play each other, and I’ll remember today’s game.

Not for its faboulous play, but for the utterly demoralizing football that created beauty in the sheer horror of it all. The ineptitude on both sides, with Tom Savage and the Texans’ offense struggling to get anything sustainable going whilst dealing with 4-5 injuries to multiple receivers, tight ends, and running backs. With all these struggles, surely the Titans would have capitalized and comfortably blown the Texans out of the water like the now 8-4 team that they are.

Sadly, they did not. Instead, Mike Mularkey struggled to get the Titans’ offense rolling. This in turn led to it being a one-score game heading into the final two minutes with the Texans and Tom Savage driving down the field with a chance for the Texans to win the game.

The Texans began the drive well by getting completions to Stephen Anderson before Jeff Allen committed three straight false starts that backed the Texans up to 4th and 19. In a moment of divine intervention, Savage slung a pass right in between two bewildered Titans defenders to a wide open Stephen Anderson, who caught the ball for the first down. This brief moment of optimism was quickly destroyed by Savage who, just two plays later, threw a pick in the end zone to give the ball back to the Titans to effectively end the game. The Titans added another score on a long Derrick Henry TD run to buff the final score up.

Another unfortunate loss for the Texans, who now fall to 4-8 and will face the 2-10 San Francisco 49ers next week.