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BRB’s 2017 Houston Texans Fan Gift Guide

Here’s our recommendations for what to give those you love and care about this holiday season.

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NFL: Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts
Santa wears an Alfred Blue jersey.
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There’s lots of holidays that involve gift-giving. We here at BRB are people that give gifts too, or at least like to buy the things on our list that don’t end up sheathed in the paper we are given. Here are our recommendations on what you need in your life or what you should buy to enrich your life.

Matt Weston:

Kirkland Signature Men's 6-pack Outdoor Trail Sock: $16.99

When I moved out to California to be a nomad, hippy, and truly get to the heart of what it is to be alive, I bought socks. I bought a lot of socks. I bought a lot of socks since I would be working outside, moving constantly, rarely sleeping under a roof, and backpacking when I wasn’t working. Hiking socks aren’t cheap. BIG PATAGONIA SOCK sells them at $20 a pair. I had to sell bonds to get there. I needed a sleeping bag more than socks, so I bought these.

Ever since, it’s been the only pair of socks I’ve worn. They are cheap, durable, comfortable, strong, and they last a while. No matter if you are going for a walk, lounging around a cold home to save on your electric bill, sitting at the office, or staying up super late, these socks are perfect. They are perfect for every occasion. Eventually your toes will poke out and you’ll have to get more, but over the course of their life, they will love you more than you love yourself.

It is so strange now to want socks for Christmas. Growing up, I laughed at my father and others for getting socks and underwear. I thought they were lying when they said they were happy about it, that they needed it. LOL, losers. Playstations and football jerseys, not socks, are good gifts. Now I know they were right all along.

I hope I get some Costco hiking socks this year.

Brett Kollmann:

Baker's Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan: $35.95

An all-edge brownie pan is a must own for anyone, Texans fan or not.


NFL Pro Line Mens Houston Texans Tom Savage Team Color Jersey: $99.99

For the Texans fan who doesn't have a shred of self-respect, you can buy your very own Tom Savage jersey. Of course, if you wait a couple months, it'll be on clearance because Savage won't be a Texan anymore.


The North Face Base Camp Duffel—Large: $145.00

Equal parts durable, functional and ruggedly stylish, I've used my Base Camp duffels (I currently own three: XL, L, M) all over the world. They've survived - with ease - being thrown around in helicopters in Afghanistan, trans-Atlantic (and Pacific) flights, and being manhandled through the hills of Nepal by sherpas. They age like a fine wine. I can lash one to the roof of my car for a backcountry adventure and then fill it with my softball gear and then stuff an exceedingly large IKEA rug into it. It never complains.

It's also the perfect gift for Texans fans who may want to help Tom Savage pack on relatively short notice, as its durability means it can withstand being dropped multiple times.

Uprooted Texan

”The Storm Before The Storm” by Mike Duncan: $15.63

It's a very interesting read about a precarious time in ancient history written by one of the best history podcasters out there. Duncan’s writing is sharp, to the point, and really brings history to life in a way that few people can, both in text and audio-based formats.

I will be going to his book tour stop tomorrow night to hopefully get mine signed.


Houston Astros 2017 World Series Champions DVD Collector Set: $59.99

Because kitten you, Weston.

Rivers McCown:

Bombas socks: Various

Not to go all podcast ad on you guys, but I actually hated my socks for a long time. I got a seven-pack of Bombas and feel a lot better going out with them. Especially their athletic stuff that actually covers the back of my heel where I always used to blister up.

Diehard Chris:

Sonos Play 1 speaker: $150

It used to retail for $200, but now they have a new model simply called "One". It incorporates Alexa/Echo/Google Home, etc.; I don't have that one because I don't care/don't want that specific technology. BUT if you are into that, the latest model is the one you want and retails for $200. You can get the original Play 1 for $150 now (a great deal, IMO).

The Sonos brand was SUPER hyped a few years ago, not as much now. The main attraction (it was unique to the market when it first hit) is that with multiple Sonos speakers, you can have the speakers playing different audio in different rooms if you so desire. I personally own six Sonos speakers, including the TV playbar (which can also play non-TV audio if you want to play music in that room rather than watch TV - OR if you want to listen to music but have the TV picture on in the background).

The Sonos Play 1 is small, but puts out incredible sound for its size. We have a large-ish master bedroom and it absolutely fills the room with no problem. We never have to come close to turning it all the way up, so it's not at all distorted for our use.

My advice on Sonos: Unless you have a HUGE room you need to fill, there's really no need for the larger speakers. I have multiple Play 1s (smallest), a Play 3 (medium), and a Play 5 (bigger), plus the aforementioned playbar. The 3 and the 5 are fine - but again, unless you're filling a huge space, the Play 1 is all you need, and the playbar is nice to incorporate with TV sound.

I'll also add that just as the playbar can play non-TV audio, the non-playbar Sonos speakers can play the TV audio. A practical example: I've got the Texans game on in the living room, and I can send the TV sound into the kitchen on our Play 3 while I'm prepping food for the smoker.

Sonos incorporates all major streaming audio—Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, and many that I've never even heard of. If you have an odd one, look online to see if it supports that streaming option. You CANNOT hard-line into the Play 1, but it's also not connected via Bluetooth. Sonos works on its own dedicated network attached to your WiFi. The drop outs are VERY RARE; 9 times out of 10 when it does drop, it's an issue with the streaming app, not the actual speakers.

I highly recommend this product. They are pricey, but for sure the Play 1 is worth it. I'm not a speaker snob or anything; if you are, your mileage may vary, but compared to others I've heard of similar size and price, it's tops. Just my experience.

We are capitalist pigs that need things to buy this time of year, Texans related or not. Add your recommendations in the comments below.