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2017 NFL Mock Draft: Dan Kadar Says The Texans Will Take...

It’s a name we’ve seen plenty of times before, but this analysis also includes talk of what the Texans should do at QB.

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Future Texans.
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Dan Kadar’s latest mock draft has your Houston Texans taking an offensive lineman several other pundits have projected to the Texans. Nothing new there. What is a bit different, however, is that Kadar addresses the quarterback situation for each NFL team in this exercise. Here’s what he has for the 25th pick:

25. Houston Texans: Cam Robinson, OT, Alabama

Robinson’s draft stock fluctuates like Tom Hanks’ weight on a movie-to-movie basis. What a terrible simile. Anyway, Houston has a need up front and Robinson at the very least is NFL-ready as a run blocker.

Should they draft a quarterback? This is where things can get interesting. We know that Houston gave Brock Osweiler a big four-year contract before last season. If one of those top three quarterbacks starts to slide, though, Houston should strike. If they wait, which is also understandable, going after a player like Mahomes or Kaaya is sensible.

At this point, I don’t love any of the potential fits from the 2017 NFL Draft at QB for the Texans. If Deshaun Watson or DeShone Kizer is available at No. 25, I suppose I’d be happy with either. I’m considerably less enthused about Patrick Mahomes at No. 25, though I could potentially warm to the idea of Mahomes-to-Houston in the second round. What are your thoughts on the matter? How would you rank the draft-eligible QBs in the draft as we sit here today?