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2017 NFL Mock Draft: Nate Davis Says The Texans Will Take...

Well, this is different from nearly every other mock draft you’ve read.

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Vanderbilt v Florida
The Texans do love drafting cornerbacks in the first round.
Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Nearly every mock of the 2017 NFL Draft features your Houston Texans selecting either an offensive lineman or a quarterback with their first round pick. We’ve seen the occasional deviation from that formula, but they’ve been few and far between. What we really haven’t seen much, if any, of is the notion that the Texans would draft a cornerback in the first round this year.

USA Today’s Nate Davis is a trailblazer in that respect. His first full mock draft is up for your perusal, and here’s what he has the Texans doing:

25. Houston Texans — Quincy Wilson, CB, Florida: Yes, most of this team's problems stem from the offensive side of the ball. However the league's top-ranked defense may have to let breakout CB A.J. Bouye walk in free agency, which would make reloading with a talent like Wilson logical.

If you had to pick a single position group that you’d consider the deepest on the Texans right now, it’d probably be cornerback. Even if Bouye leaves in free agency, it’s justifiable to say that the Texans are still in good shape there with Johnathan Joseph, Kevin Johnson, and Kareem Jackson (especially if he doesn’t move to safety).

Of course, you’d rather draft and replenish a group before you’re in dire need of a replacement. And there’s certainly something to be said for drafting the best player available, regardless of position.

Share your thoughts about the possibility of the Texans drafting a corner in the first round.