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Super Bowl 51 Predictions

Hey! Look! We are making really bad Super Bowl predictions.

Nickelodeon's Superstar Slime Showdown at Super Bowl Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Nickelodeon

LOL, so somehow I am in Houston in a hotel room in Galena Park. I don’t know what Galena Park is, but I am here. I moved from the couch to the bed because I felt creepy crawly. I put the comforter over the top of the couch and the comforter was itchy. Yet, even then, I don’t know if the comforter was itchy. I just may have thought it was itchy. May have been feeling itchy because of the earlier creepy crawly. So now I am sitting here in the center of the bed.

Anyways, here our are Super Bowl predictions.

Matt Weston:

Atlanta 31, New England 27.

If you changed the jerseys from navy and silver to pink and orange, and turned that blurred futuristic robotic musketeer into a rolls-riddled bulldog, I would take the Falcons by two possessions at least. When you watch these teams and look at the numbers, the Falcons are no question the better team. But they are playing the Patriots. You know, the postmodern NFL dynasty. You know, the team that usually wins every football game. That haze of gunpowdah that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady stroll around in turns something I was as sure about as Luke Bryan wearing blue jeans during the National Anthem into something I am uneasy about.

Regardless, I’m still going with Atlanta. They are better. They have too many weapons on offense. Their defense is fast and hits. If they only need to force two punts in a row, that could turn this game into a long, drawn out, commercial-watching affair.


New England 31, Atlanta 23.

Chances bfd wears pants for this game?

Luke Beggs:

Atlanta 34, New England 31.

I'm so interested to see if the Pats can shut down Julio Jones. My guess is Jones still goes off for 100 plus yards.

Mike Bullock:

Atlanta 41, New England 31.

Brady whines about the refs not stopping the Falcons’ offense after every Atlanta touchdown.

Capt Ron:

Atlanta 34, New England 31.

A missed field goal by the Patriots at the end of regulation to try and extend the tilt to overtime crowns the Falcons as the new champs. It ends up being one of the better Super Bowl competitions in history.

Diehard Chris:

New England 33, Atlanta 31.

I was very tempted to pick the Falcons in this game, because my GOSH that offense. This feels like a very even match-up on paper, and the thing that swayed me at the very last minute to change my pick to the Patriots is just what I felt like was a somewhat logical tiebreaker—coaching.

The Falcons are obviously very well-coached on offense, and I won't be surprised at ALL if they win this game, even if they win it by a couple of touchdowns...but I feel like Belichick is going to rush three most of the game and limit big plays. Tom Brady is essentially a player-coach, and the Falcons’ defense isn't the type likely to slow him down. Dropping eight and rushing three may be a dangerous game with the Atlanta RB tandem, but I see New England getting a late stop on defense late to seal the win.


New England 30, Atlanta 24.

I foresee a good game, but ultimately the greatest quarterback in NFL history and the greatest coach in NFL history will prove to be too much for the Falcons.


New England 31, Atlanta 23.

​As much as I despise the Patriots, the fact remains, they've been here before, with a head coach and enough veteran leadership that's experienced in winning it all to give them an advantage over a younger, rawer team that has never been in the spotlight like this. I like the Falcons, and since it can't be the Texans or Packers, I'd prefer that they win. I just don't see it.

Uprooted Texan:

Atlanta 52, New England 3.

The idea of the Patriots winning another Super Bowl nauseates the living crap out of me. While I don't think the game will unfold quite as my prediction says it should, I really do think the Falcons have a fighting chance against the Patriots. They haven't played much of a schedule, and the Falcons' offense makes for damned good watching against a beatable Patriots defense.

Leave your Super Bowl prediction in the Comments.