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Saturday Night's Alright For Commenting: 02/04/17

On Super Bowl eve, Texans fans chat about whatever’s on their mind.

NFL: Super Bowl LI-Stadium Views
Tomorrow, NRG Stadium takes center stage.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the Saturday night before Super Bowl Sunday. Sometime tomorrow night, probably around 10 p.m. CST, fans of the Falcons or Patriots will be able to revel in a dream realized. Someday, we Texans fans shall do the same. Someday.

Tonight, however, we S.N.O.T. Want to talk about who the Texans should target in free agency or the 2017 NFL Draft? Go for it. Want to debate whether Mozart or Beethoven has the superior catalog? Do so. Eager to discuss the latest Michael Connelly novel? This is the place. Feel like you’ve got something to get off your chest about National Signing Day, the Rockets, or the Astros? Let it fly. If it’s within community guidelines, you do you.

With that, the floor is open. Enjoy your evening.