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Report: New England Patriots To Extend Tom Brady, Ready To Trade Jimmy Garoppolo

This are the crumbs you live on when you don’t have a quarterback.

AFC Championship - Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

This season, teams were interested in how Jimmy Garoppolo would look when he kept Tom Brady’s seat warm during his suspension. Garoppolo played well in a quick pass offense against Arizona, torched Miami the following week, but then hurt his shoulder and never played again. Yet because of his early second round pedigree, handsome face, New England aura, his performance in those first two games, and Brady still being absurd, Garroppolo has been the face of the quarterback rumor mill.

Until this point, nothing really substantial ever came through the mill, aside from Cleveland reportedly being interested in trading for Jimmy G. Now we have something more. Reports are seeping through on the day of the big game that the Patriots think To Brady can somehow play well into his 40s. Dang, this guy is going to live forever and the Patriots will never stop being in the AFC Championship Game. Thus, the new rumor is that the Patriots are going to extend Brady’s contract and as a result, New England is willing to trade Jimmy Garoppolo.


One would think New England would want, at a minimum, a first round pick to recoup what they lost because of deflated footballs, and then some. With the risk that comes with a rookie first round quarterback, Garoppolo having a cheap contract for one more year, and the fact that he wasn’t terrible when he played, there are going to be teams bidding for him. Cleveland, New York (J), Chicago, San Francisco, Buffalo, Kansas City, and Houston all either need a quarterback or have been linked to wanting to make a change at the position.

If you are Houston, you would have to at least be interested. Brock Osweiler was the worst quarterback in the NFL last season. Acquiring a veteran quarterback like Tony Romo or Tyrod Taylor (if they’re available) would have its own risks and would require some salary cap wrangling. If you draft a quarterback, you have to install training wheels and limit the offense; then after all that, you still have to hope he’s good. Jimmy Garoppolo has only two starts under his belt, but his current contract is cheap enough that it doesn’t impede this year’s salary cap. If it does/doesn’t work out, the Texans could re-sign him or find someone else once Brock Osweiler’s cap hit is gone.