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The Film Room (2017 NFL Draft): Leonard Fournette Is Violence Incarnate

Our 2017 NFL Draft coverage kicks off this year with a breakdown of quite possibly the best running back prospect to ever come out of college football. Yes, we’re serious.

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Louisiana State
“Sit down, son” - Leonard Fournette (probably)
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

There is a monster living down in the bayous of Louisiana. He hunts gators for sport, crushes rebels with ease, and puts the fear of God in Aggies across the nation. His name is Leonard Fournette, and he’s the most fearsome Tiger you’ve ever seen.

I almost didn’t believe the myths when Fournette was coming out of high school. Nobody is that big, that fast, and that powerful. Four snaps into watching his tape from St. Augustine High School, however, I believed every word.

He wasn’t just a myth - he was destined to be a legend.

It is my privilege to announce the return of our video series, “The Film Room,” with a profile of perhaps the finest running back prospect to grace college football in the last few decades. Bask in his brutality and pray that he does not wind up in the AFC South for the next ten years. The further he is from this division, the better.