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The Film Room (2017 NFL Draft): Dalvin Cook Is The Ultimate Offensive Weapon

The next Marshall Faulk is about to enter the NFL. Watch as Brett Kollmann breaks him down in another episode of The Film Room.

NCAA Football: Orange Bowl-Michigan vs Florida State
Go make that money, Dalvin. You earned it.
Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

We’re back at it again for the second time this week with another episode of “The Film Room.” In this episode, I break down perhaps the most dangerous weapon in the entire 2017 NFL Draft class, Florida State running back Dalvin Cook.

Blessed with an absurd combination of speed, balance, agility, and baby-soft hands, Cook is a threat to score from quite literally anywhere on the field on any given snap. He may not have the raw power or ferocity of Leonard Fournette, but with his versatile skillset, Cook could still quite easily out-produce the former LSU prodigy during their rookie year. One can only hope that the Jaguars and Colts do not select both of them later this April, lest the AFC South become the most annoyingly-loaded division of running backs in all of pro football.

Enjoy the show!