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NFL News: 2017 NFL Salary Cap Set

Learn what that magic number is, as well as how close the Houston Texans already are to it, on Battle Red Blog.

NFL Owners Meet To Discuss Status Of Contract Negotiations Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

We now know exactly what the ceiling is for NFL teams in 2017 as they prepare for free agency.

That’s about an increase of $12,000,000.00 from where the cap was in 2016. For a little historical perspective on how the salary cap has moved over the last several years, check this out:

What’s that mean for your Houston Texans? Troy Chapman, the best Twitter follow around for detailed analysis concerning the Texans’ cap situation, has up-to-date numbers in the link below.

The Texans could still make several moves to create additional space if they wish to do so, but right now they’re looking at about $23.47 million in cap room.