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Report: Patriots ‘‘Not Expected To Trade Jimmy Garoppolo”

Could the Patriots really stand pat on dealing their young signal-caller?

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What are you up to, Bill?
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Huge news for quarterback-needy teams today as perhaps the market’s most attractive option in terms of availability and potential has reportedly been taken off of the market. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports:

Yes, professional Brandon Routh impersonator and part-time QB Jimmy Garoppolo is allegedly off the market. Garoppolo had previously been seen as a very interesting option, considering he’s (1) still on his rookie deal, (2) played well in the two games he started for the Patriots in 2016, and (c) 25 years old (meaning there is still plenty of room for growth). The rumor mill regarding Jimmy G’s move away from Foxboro began in earnest when Tom Brady stated he wanted to play into his mid 40s (Brady is currently 39). That rumor only got more believable when talk of Brady and the Patriots chatting about a contract extension came out after the Super Bowl.

So, with Jimmy G reportedly off the market, where does this leave the Texans? Are you disappointed that Jimmy G might not be coming to Houston? Are you apathetic about the whole arrangement? Or do you, like me, believe nothing publicly reported about the Patriots and are convinced this is all some elaborate ruse to increase the likelihood that approaching teams have to make an utterly ludicrous offer in order to pry Garoppolo away from New England?