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More Details Emerge On Brock Osweiler’s Week 17 Confrontation With Bill O’Brien

Pro Football Talk sheds some additional (alleged) light on the split between Brock Osweiler and the Houston Texans.

NFL: AFC Divisional-Houston Texans at New England Patriots
Osweiler points and says things before doing something terrible.
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Today, Mike Florio graciously came down off of his audaciously-pompous 12 ft. high horse to inform all us commoners he has unnamed sources who provided additional details regarding Brock Osweiler’s split with the Houston Texans.

My assumption is Mr. Florio reclined his chair, slowly removed the head from a baby, drank the blood, threw the quivering carcass in the trash, and passed on the news that Osweiler’s alleged #HoeTendencies are even more severe than we imagined.

Included in the detail of this story is a quite unbelievable exchange where Osweiler inexplicably whines to Bill O’Brien that the coach only wanted Osweieler to replace the injured Tom Savage in Week 17 because “O’Brien needed him.”

If that and some of the other details in this story are actually true (and are told in proper context, which is not likely due to the fact that it came from Rumor Zealot), then Brock Osweiler is an even bigger fraud than we had already realized. Typically I don’t comment about players beyond on-field context (other than Jason Babin) but Brock - this is Oh So Hoe. If I’m Brock Osweiler and this is not true, I am screaming it from up high (or if you don’t want to lend credence to Rumor Zealot, have your agent scream about it.).

To say this is a “bad look” does a disservice to the phrase. It makes Brock look coddled, afraid of confrontation (in a very tough business where it happens every day), and also makes me question his basic understanding of what a Depth Chart is and how it works.

For me personally - I would be tearing Brock apart had this come from a more reputable, adult source and not “Rumor Zealot, Champion of Strawman Sh*t Pot Stirring Mike Florio”.

So BRB, what are your thoughts (on Mike Florio, of course; I already know how you feel about Brock Osweiler).