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Report: Texans “Aren’t An Option” For Jay Cutler

Texans fans weigh in with whether beggars can in fact be choosers.

Chicago Bears v New York Giants
Where’s he gonna go?
Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Although Texans fans are mostly mired in the debate about whether their beloved squad should acquire Tony Romo, there is another veteran quarterback on the market some have believed (feared?) the good guys are destined to end up signing as a free agent. Not for any real tangible reason beyond the music stopping and the Texans being the only chair left, mind you, but I have read and heard Texans fans proclaim that Jay Cutler could be the latest attempt to address the glaring issues at QB that continue to plague NRG Park.

For the Cutler haters among you, rest easy. Ian Rapoport says Jay Cutler ain’t coming to Houston.

Whether that’s because Cutler doesn’t find Houston appealing (somewhat difficult to imagine, as he was in play for the Jets until they signed Josh McCown yesterday) or because the Texans weren’t interested in Cutler, it would appear the former Broncos and Bears signal-caller isn’t in the Texans’ plans.

My question to you is this: Given the choice between the Texans beginning the 2017 season with a QB depth chart of Jay Cutler/Tom Savage/unknown rookie QB or a QB troika of Tom Savage/Brandon Weeden/unknown rookie QB, which would you prefer?