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Video: J.J. Watt Looks Like J.J. Watt Again

Texans fans should like this.

Wild Card Round - Oakland Raiders v Houston Texans
He looks much bigger now, doesn’t he?
Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

It’s been nearly two months since we saw anything approaching a substantive update on J.J. Watt’s condition as he works his way back from his second back surgery. Fortunately for Texans fans, J.J. took to Snapchat to share a brief clip of him doing drills and looking quite a bit like his old self.

Although the more skeptical among us might caution that there’s a big difference between what we see here and playing against an offense designed to neutralize him, I’ll gladly take this clip as an unabashed positive. Knowing that there’s still a long way to go until the 2017 season begins, what are your feelings about J.J. Watt’s chances to be the J.J. Watt who dominated the league, either this year or in the future?