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Texans Could Land Four Compensatory Picks...Next Year


Unrelated but kind of related.

You know what? Maybe Rick Smith is onto something here. Sure, the Texans haven’t signed a single free agent this year, or even had one visit yet, or even picked up the phone to order a lovely fruit basket to lure a free agent to visit Houston. But maybe that’s part of the plan.

Sure, the Texans have no free agent signings, but you know what they do have? Compensatory picks. They have so many compensatory picks for all the free agents that have left Houston this offseason. In fact, according to an article in America’s favorite newspaper/fishwrap/foot ointment, the Comicle, the Houston Texans are expected to have up to four compensatory year.

While these compensatory picks don’t help the Texans in this year’s draft, and our favorite team’s options at quarterback range from “pretty lamentable” to “outright hideous,” which, surprisingly, is still an improvement over [UNPERSON]*, it’s not entirely inconceivable that amassing large quantities of draft picks is part of the master plan of Rick Smith, Super Genius.

I mean, do you know how many picks the Cleveland Browns have to play with over the next two drafts? 22. 11 this year and 11 next year. They’re loading up on draft picks so they can screw up in new and interesting ways. Could this be the model that Rick Smith, Super Genius, is following?

Probably not, but idle speculation fills out the word count pretty nicely.

But if the Texans don’t land a certain free agent quarterback from southern Oklahoma, at least we’ll have some extra late round draft picks to work with. After all, we all know that Rick Smith does really well with late round picks, right? Right?

*As of some time this afternoon just a bit before lunch, it is now the stated policy of the BRB writing staff that the name of last year’s primary starting quarterback will not be uttered from this day until the last. We will begin removing all references to that player as soon as sandwichly possible.