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Report: Tony Romo Saga “Isn’t Ending Any Time Soon”

Why would it? We keep clicking.

St. Louis Rams v Dallas Cowboys
“So, Jerry...could you, like, cut me already?”
Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

I’m not writing this post because I want to. I’ve reached a point where I’ve grown quite sick of the non-update updates that permeate the Tony Romo story. Just three days ago, there was a report that the will-he-or-won’t-he tale of Jerry Jones and Tony Romo would end now-ish. Less than ten minutes ago, we get the following, entirely contradictory report:

This is par for the course, considering we went from “COWBOYS WILL RELEASE TONY ROMO TOMORROW” to “COWBOYS EXPECT TO TRADE ROMO” to “WAIT, ON THIRD THOUGHT, MAYBE HE’LL JUST RETIRE” to wherever we are now. The worst part is that we, fans of a team desperately in search of a solution at quarterback, continue to feed the beast, looking for the slightest bit of news about Romo joining the Houston Texans. Or the Denver Broncos. Or the Des Moines Blaze.

Screw it. Somebody get me Bradlee Van Pelt’s phone number. This needs to end.