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Report: Cowboys Will Release Tony Romo Tomorrow

Now the focus will turn to where he plays next, with the Texans being a widely speculated possibility.

It was always unlikely the Dallas Cowboys would find a team willing to trade for Tony Romo, so this development seemed inevitable.

Although several teams have been rumored as possible landing spots for Romo after his impending release, your Houston Texans and the Denver Broncos are most often mentioned as Romo’s "best" options from the standpoint of winning a Lombardi Trophy. Assuming both teams are in fact interested in acquiring Romo (and there’s been plenty of chatter, both informed and otherwise, that they are), we should find out soon enough whether Romo will head south on I-45 or off to the Rockies to continue his playing career.

What’s your gut tell you about where Tony Romo will play in 2017? Comments from Cowboys fans at the time of this posting seem to indicate they think their former franchise quarterback will choose Denver.

UPDATE: What? Now there might be a Romo trade? WHAT IS HAPPENING?