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2017 NFL Free Agency Tracker: Just A Little Bit Longer...

Join BRB as we spend the final few hours tracking all the news before free agency begins this afternoon.

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

So yesterday came and went with the biggest piece of news being that one of the top rated tackles in this current free agent class has been taken off the board by Detroit:

It’s okay. Really, I didn’t even want Ricky Wagner. Why would I take him when I could get the freshly cut D.J. Fluker?

Drastically diminishing FA RT options aside, we’ve only a few hours left until the tampering phase is done and free agency begins at 3:00 PM CT. Until then, why not stay awhile with us here in BRB as we keep you updated with all the latest reports, whether they concern the Texans or not?

UPDATE: A.J. Bouye seems to be readying to continue his career elsewhere.

UPDATE II: Reports are flying that Nick Perry will stay with the Packers instead of signing elsewhere.

UPDATE III: Some more big names (unrelated to the Texans) supposedly on the move today...

UPDATE IV: Mike Glennon should really tithe some portion of his new contract to Bob McNair for signing Brock Osweiler last year.

UPDATE V: One of the other big name CBs comes off the market, as Stephon Gilmore will sign with the Patriots.

UPDATE VI: A very good offensive lineman is heading west.

UPDATE VII: The AFC’s Defensive Player of the Month for December 2016 has decided to leave Houston. Fare thee well, Quintin Demps.

UPDATE VIII: The Kirk Cousins saga has a new chapter.

UPDATE IX: Another former Texan is now looking for work.

UPDATE X: Offensive linemen are getting paid in these free agent streets.

UPDATE XI: A.J. Bouye will not be re-signing with the Texans. Worse, he may not be leaving the AFC South.

UPDATE XII: Another monster contract for an interior offensive lineman.

UPDATE XII: The Patriots continue to make noise in free agency.

UPDATE XIII: This would be big for the Colts, but an offensive lineman or three would be far bigger.

UPDATE XIV: The A.J. Bouye sweepstakes is nearing an end.

UPDATE XV: Will the teams in the race to sign Tony Romo give Jay Cutler a look?

UPDATE XVI: No way the Texans could have kept Bouye (except, you know, through the franchise tag).

UPDATE XVII: Now Chris Mortensen is saying the Cowboys expect to trade Tony Romo to Denver or Houston. He’s reporting this less than a day after Adam Schefter said Romo was getting released. INTRIGUE.

UPDATE XVIII: Left tackles getting paid a metric ton is no surprise. The much-maligned Matt Kalil getting a metric ton? That is a bit surprising.

UPDATE XIX: If there’s one thing I’ll take away from this year’s free agency period, it’s that interior offensive linemen have broken through to another level when it comes to compensation.

UPDATE XX: The Jaguars aren’t trying to take it with them.

UPDATE XI: Johnathan Cyprien never really lived up to the hype in Jacksonville. Tennessee has money to burn, though.