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2017 NFL Free Agent Tracker: A.J. Bouye Will Not Sign With Houston Texans

That’s one shoe firmly dropping.

Detroit Lions v Houston Texans
No mo’ Bouye in H-Town.
Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

Early this morning, Adam Schefter tweeted what most Texans fans feared. To the extent you were harboring any hope the Texans and A.J. Bouye would work things out, go ahead and throw it away.

Now the only question is where Bouye will sign. Well, that and whether the Texans miscalculated when they chose not to tag Bouye to ensure he couldn’t negotiate with other teams when they had the chance.

UPDATE: Bouye may be get to return to NRG Stadium at least once per season for the next few years.

UPDATE II: The Texans tried to keep Bouye. They just failed.

UPDATE III: Bouye has reportedly narrowed the field to three suitors, two of which are in the AFC South.

UPDATE IV: Does this make you feel any better?

UPDATE V: It’s over. A.J. Bouye has decided to leave the Texans for a five-year deal with another AFC South team.