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2017 NFL Mock Draft: What Will The Houston Texans Do With Their First Two Picks?

Me? I’d draft Tony Romo. PUT THE SYSTEM ON TRIAL.

NFL: Combine
Mirror, mirror on the turf of Lucas Oil Stadium...
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Like the shark that must keep swimming in order to stay alive, this here fan site of an NFL team must keep posting about mock drafts. It’s the law. Hence, I give you Dan Kadar’s latest effort, in which he opines your Houston Texans shall do the following in the first two rounds of the 2017 NFL Draft:

25. Houston Texans: Patrick Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech

In the eyes of some it’s Mahomes, and not DeShone Kizer, as the third-best quarterback in the draft.

I’ll just say it: If the Texans draft Mahomes with Kizer still on the board, I will be quite displeased.

57. Houston Texans: Dion Dawkins, OT/G, Temple

Houston got a quarterback in the first round and a player who can line up at guard or tackle to protect him.

Lance Zierlein calls Dawkins a “quality tackle” “...who has a chance to transition into an early starter.” How’s that strike you?