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David Quessenberry Completes Final Chemo Treatment, Makes History

To say DQ ended his three-year battle with cancer memorably would be an understatement

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans
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David Quessenberry has been a fan favorite for those who have followed the difficult journey he’s faced after the Houston Texans moved up to select him in the sixth round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

Here’s a review of what David has dealt with since 2013:

Texans players and fans rallied strong in support of “DQ” with a t-shirt campaign to help raise money and awareness. I still have mine!

During the 2015 season, when the Texans were showcased on HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” we watched the gut-wrenching scene where Bill O’Brien let “Q” know (on his birthday of all things) that he wouldn’t be part of the squad that year. O’Brien did emphasize his expectations and support for Quessenberry joining the team again in 2016.

So along came 2016, and he was waived by the Texans as additional treatments were necessary. He passed through NFL waivers and was retained by Houston on the non-football injury list, and his desire to return to action continues. He recently completed his final chemotherapy treatment at MD Anderson and accidentally broke the ceremonial bell patients ring to signify completion of treatment. Putting a three-year battle with cancer in the rear view mirror is undeniably a major milestone, so you can’t fault DQ’s enthusiasm. provided the story and this quote:

"This bell, just like cancer, never stood a chance," Quessenberry wrote on Instagram.

I’m sure all of us will be pulling for DQ to rejoin the Houston Texans when his body is ready for the demands of the NFL. The team could really use some quality depth along the line, so I hope he’s up for the challenge soon!