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Saturday Night’s Alright For Commenting: April 15, 2017

This weekend is about bunnies, (kittens), chocolate, and eggs! Not together, though. That would be a mess of epic proportions.

PGA: WGC - Dell Match Play - Final Day Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

Hola, Texans fans. It’s Saturday night, and we have no lives, so we’re here to discuss just about whatever tickles our fancy at BRB. This is our weekly open thread where we delve into topics too far out there (alien cat rulers from the planet Feline? Sure!) to discuss on other days.

This has been a heady week here in Texanfanlandia. We’ve learned who we’re facing this preseason. We’ve learned that Matt McGloin will not come save us at quarterback (though whether that would be saving, or further casting us into the abyss, is debatable). We’ve learned that no one respects us or expects us to win anything (probably because we don’t, but still, it’s the thought of it all). We’ve released Tony and picked up JD.

Enough about football. What are you doing this fine Texan evening? Watching basketball (Go Rockets!)? Baseball (Go ‘Stros!)? Something adventurous like hockey, rugby, or tennis? Or something else altogether? This is your Saturday Night Open Thread, where we discuss just about everything we’re doing, thinking, or feeling. Chat away!