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Tom Savage Looks Forward To “Peaceful” Quarterback Room This Year

Aw, snap.

NFL: Houston Texans-OTA
Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

We’ll have more on this later, but Tom Savage, David Quessenberry, DeAndre Hopkins, and J.J. Watt all met with the media today at NRG Stadium. There were several items of interest to come out of their pressers, but one that raised several eyebrows was Savage expressing his excitement about a “fun” and “peaceful” quarterback room in 2017.

Here’s Savage’s entire quote:

Some observers questioned whether Savage was subtly referring to the absence of former offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach George Godsey and/or former starting quarterback Brock Osweiler from the QB room this season with those remarks. Or perhaps Savage is just praising his new position coach.

What’s your reaction? Sly dig? Harmless statement made in passing? Are posts like this a prime example of everything that’s wrong with the social media world in which we live?