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2017 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft: With Their Second Round Pick, Your Houston Texans Select...

Texans fans weigh in on BRB’s second-round selection for the team in SB Nation’s annual NFL Mock Draft.

NFL: AFC Divisional-Houston Texans at New England Patriots
Texans in New England. This usually ends poorly.
David Butler III-USA TODAY Sports

Precisely two weeks after the BRB masthead made its annual wretched attempt to pretend to be in charge of the 2017 NFL Draft for your Houston Texans, our second-round pick is now readily available for your scorn praise probable scorn.

In this alternate universe that is sure to never approach reality, the Texans addressed quarterback with their selection of DeShone Kizer in the first round. In the second round, we targeted a position that’s far from the weakest on the roster, though it became demonstrably weaker this offseason. You can learn who we took, as well as Capt. Ron’s thorough explanation of why, right here.

How does this decision strike you? Share your bile and/or undying admiration (BECAUSE THE INTERNET IS NO PLACE FOR NUANCE!) below.