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This Week In BRB Group Think: But What If It’s NOT Quarterback?

The BRB staff kicks around preferences if the Texans commit the Ultimate Sin and do not draft a QB in Round 1 of the 2017 NFL Draft.

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Admittedly, I will be upset if the Texans do not draft a QB in the first round on Thursday, assuming one of the “big four” is available. Now, I don’t feel like any of the four are can’t-miss, surefire franchise guys; I don’t really think most anyone feels that way. The Texans have passed on guys the last couple of years for various reasons that I will not re-litigate here, but in 2017 - it’s TIME.

Being a Texans fan, I’m prepared to be surprised and/or bewildered on Thursday night, which brings us to this week’s question.

If the [kitten] goes down Thursday and the Texans do not select a QB in the first, which realistically available prospect would you prefer the Texans take?

Mike Bullock:

I'm fairly enamored with OT Cam Robinson simply because putting a road grader on that side of the line makes this offense functional for Tom Savage and Lamar Miller. He's the *safe* pick, from my point of view, but far from the exciting one.

Secretly, I hope they take T.J. Watt - which many will think is a reach - but many also thought J.J. Watt was a reach. I watched a lot of T.J.'s games at Wisconsin and he truly looks like J.J. 2.0 - from technique, to skill-set, to non-stop motor. Sure, Houston doesn't desperately need another defensive lineman/OLB, but the idea of J.J., Whitney Mercilus, Jadeveon Clowney, and T.J. Watt dialing up Mike Vrabel/Romeo Crennel pressure schemes makes me think "historically great defense".

Capt. Ron:

I have watched a lot of highlight videos, and I have read a lot of profiles from analysts for the likely Top 50 players in this draft. If Christian McCaffrey is somehow still there at 25, I think that would be an incredible asset for a Houston team that now employs Wes Welker as an offensive assistant. My gut tells me that this kid could easily be the Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2017 in the right system; he could be used at running back, wide receiver and as a return specialist. Just imagine the mismatches he could create in so many different plays for the offense alongside DeAndre Hopkins, Will Fuller, Braxton Miller, and Lamar Miller. Can you just imagine having Hopkins drawing double teams, Fuller stretching the safeties deep, and B. Miller crossing behind the linebackers while McCaffrey comes out of the backfield or a four-wide slot position? Good luck covering all those guys.

No quarterback they draft in 2017 will likely be ready to help this team as a rookie. If there's a run on the top four QBs before Houston picks, let's upgrade the offense with a versatile weapon who can help put points on the board. If used creatively as a RB/WR hybrid, McCaffrey could very likely wrap a rookie season with 12+ touchdowns, 200+ rushing attempts, 60+ receptions totaling 1,500+ all-purpose offensive yards, and another 500+ return yards.

If he's that good, Rick, move up to get him!

/braces for Houston to trade out of the first round completely as they stockpile future picks into 2018 for an aggressive move to get QB Sam Darnold.


I'm not going to name any specific names as I don't want to get my own hopes up, but addressing cornerback, offensive tackle, or safety in the first wouldn't at all offend me.

At some point sooner than later, we need to draft Duane Brown's replacement on the left side. In a perfect world, that player is broken in at right tackle in order to gain experience and reps.

With the loss of A.J. Bouye and the need for three quality cornerbacks on your team, drafting a cornerback makes a lot of sense. Kareem Jackson can no longer do the job there, and older cornerbacks typically fall off a cliff. See also Revis, Darrelle. Safety, of course, has been a franchise-long issue for the team with only fleeting talent at the position. Come back, Glover!

Luke Beggs:

Forrest Lamp. If I'm not allowed to have a QB, I'm going to damn well make sure that the Texans’ running game is better next year, and Lamp helps that immediately. He played OT at college, but his future is probably on the interior of the offensive line, paving the way for all of those wonderful power run plays. If the Texans decide to get more adventurous and run some outside zone, Lamp has an excellent first step and enough athleticism to get out onto the second level rather quickly.

Rivers McCown:

I will be fairly disappointed no matter what happens if we don't wind up with one of the four quarterbacks. But ... I have a big crush on Malik McDowell. Don't think we have as big a hole there with the idea of a healthy J.J. Watt, but I could definitely see him blowing up run plays and generating interior pressure on pass downs.

Brett Kollmann:

The chances of Cam Robinson being there at 25 are almost nonexistent, but I would be ecstatic with him being the pick. Same goes for Jabrill Peppers or Budda Baker. Will they last that long? Probably not, but a man can dream.


If the Texans don’t select a quarterback in the first round—and I reckon they won’t, unless they trade up—I’d be excited about Gareon Conley or Haason Reddick (though I admittedly have a hard time seeing Reddick still being on the board that late) at Pick No. 25.

I’m intrigued by Forrest Lamp and Garett Bolles, but I think both are likely gone by the time Houston goes on the clock. I also think the Texans could choose to address the offensive line (Taylor Moton? Antonio Garcia?) in the second or more likely the third round.

For me, I’d have to just take the best OT on the board if the QBs are gone. If there isn’t an OT left on the board worth the pick, I’d lean toward a corner.

What are your thoughts, BRB? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below as we continue to beat this dead horse until we draft one.