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2017 NFL Draft: Is Reuben Foster An Option For The Texans?

If Houston can’t have an offense, neither can anyone else.

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Reuben Foster is a bad, bad man…and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. Blessed with a fantastic combination of speed, explosiveness, instincts, and ruthless aggression, Foster is one of the best linebacker prospects to come out of college in the last several years. In fact, I would rank Foster only behind Luke Kuechly and the freakish Jaylon Smith (health not included) in terms of overall grade since Kuechly was drafted in 2012.

All of that being said, Foster’s stock has been in a bit of a freefall as of late. After being kicked out of the NFL Combine for an altercation with medical personnel, reportedly testing positive for a diluted sample at the Combine, and of course the lingering questions about his shoulder injury, some members of the draft media have speculated that Foster may fall out of the first round entirely.

Seeing such a phenomenal talent potentially tumble down the draft board begs the question of whether Houston end Foster’s slide if given the opportunity. Brian Cushing is on the back side of his career, and Benardrick McKinney will likely need a new running mate at some point in the next couple of years. Foster not only has the intelligence and toughness that Mike Vrabel desires in his linebackers, but he also brings range and coverage ability that neither Cushing of McKinney can match. For a team that really struggled to handle smaller, quicker running backs in space in the passing game last year, Foster could be just what Vrabel needs to put a stop to that problem.

Take a look below as Foster both answers questions about his Combine mishaps and breaks down his own film in detail with Todd McShay. It’s well worth the watch.

What say you, BRB? Even with the myriad other immediate and (dare I say) dire needs on the Texans’ roster, would you take the opportunity to draft Foster if he was somehow available 25th overall? I certainly would, though I suppose that commitment to taking the biggest value in the first round rather than literally any quarterback is precisely why this franchise hasn’t had a stable long-term option under center for much of its history.

Who needs offense, right?