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Mike Mayock Mock Draft: A QB For The Texans

Mike Mayock only does one mock draft each year, and his 2017 edition is ready for review.

NFL: Combine
“So what you do is...”
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Mayock has released his annual single mock draft of the offseason on the eve of the 2017 NFL Draft. It doesn’t exactly break new ground when it comes to your Houston Texans, as Mayock has Houston going in a direction many have opined shall come to pass tomorrow night.

25. Houston Texans: Deshaun Watson—QB

School: Clemson. Bill O'Brien goes all in on Watson, who plays his best football when the lights are brightest.

Mayock’s got a few trades going down in his mock of the first round, often centered around a team acquiring a quarterback. Interestingly, Mayock has the Texans taking Watson with Mitchell Trubisky the only QB off the board at that point.

By way of comparison, last year Mayock had the Texans drafting Corey Coleman in the first round. We’ll see if he’s on the money this year about twenty-four hours from now.